Saturday, 13 February 2010

Can't Buy Me, Love

I know that I, as well as others, fully regard Valentines Day, as the money making stop gap between the post-Christmas blues and the all-out-chocolate gorging festival (formerly known as Easter). It seems nowadays that the only reason to spread some cheer and goodwill is if the shops tell us to.

Walking through the shopping centres in the next couple of weeks is an experience in itself. Pink and red have been splashed everywhere and hearts are drawn and stuck on every surface imaginable; as if the shops are anticipating a visit from Cupid himself. There are offers on perfume and lingerie and even my local Chinese herbal medicine shop seems to be restocking its ‘love potion’ at a rapid rate.

Oddly enough, the shops don’t need to do this. In spite of the economic downturn last year, the cost of Valentines Day has gone up and the expectations of men and women have also been duly inflated. 61% of women (a shocking statistic!) say that they would leave their partner if he forgot about Valentine’s Day. (It is hard to forget nowadays!) As a result, the average man will end up splurging out £100, mostly on chocolate and jewellery yet in comparison; we ladies can get away with buying electrical appliances and shirts to the cost of a measly £50!

According to Hallmark, 180 million cards will be exchanged around the week of Valentine’s Day and more than 40% of those cards will be sent by parents. This good news for the singletons out there – someone loves you, even if it is your mum! You don’t have to give in and by countless boxes of chocolate for your prospective girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. Thinking outside the box will save you money and your time and presence is of much more value. A memory is always priceless and in the words of Jennifer Lopez, ‘love don’t cost a thing’.

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