Monday, 20 July 2009

Ticking Me Off #1

I've decided that every monday or so often, I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post so I can let off some steam and have a rant about stuff that is REALLY ticking me off this week.

So what's really not doing it for me this week?

Jokes About Michael Jackson

It's pretty much become common knowledge that Michael Jackson is dead, and you'd have to have been living under a rock to not know this fact. However, even the same night that MJ died, my facebook almost crashed under the sudden influx of people writing condolence messages in their statuses and for the more adventrous, jokes. Jokes which I think are in poor taste. 'His heart just couldn't beat it' and other various puns. I don't think everyone has to be a fan of MJ, but even if you're not, HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD, for gods sake! That was almost a month ago. There are some very silly people out there who won't cease with this immature and unneeded and warped sense of humour. The man is dead. Let the dead be laid to rest. The jokes weren't that funny in the first place. Stop the MJ jokes.

Leggings as A Substitute for Trousers/Jeans

I love my clothes. It's summer. I love summer clothes. You get the gist. On Saturday morning, I was waiting for a bus, when my eyes were greeted with a girl who was wearing really cool leopard print leggings. She was really working them. My eyes followed her as she walked past me seated at the bus stop and up to the station. A white van stopped, and a leery man beeped his horn and shouted at her. In a split second, I realised the reason why. HER LEGGINGS WERE SEE-THROUGH. EVERYONE could see her thong. I sighed to myself. When will we learn? Some fashions need to be worn correctly! Walking around town, I encountered several other people making this fashion faux pas. It doesn't matter how hot you are, just because you can, doesn't mean you have to. I mean, sheesh!

Swine Flu

I'm not going to rant too much about this, as I'm saving this for another blog post. But I'm sick of the media hype. 'We're all going to die' and other such armageddon like statements. In a post in this distant future, I will discuss the effects of swine flu on our economy but for now I'm going to finish getting gobby.

Don't be dismayed, it's not all bad news, I'm enjoying England's victory over Australia at Lords and the sun is shining. I'm now off to celebrate finishing this post by enjoying a magnum, courtesy of a brilliant 'Buy One Get One Free' deal at Tesco!

Currently Listening to: Get Low - Lil Jon

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