Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lets Get Back To Normal (BPDD)

Yes, thats right folks, I've got a serious dose of BPDD.

Blog Posting Defiency Disorder.

I have missed posting on here for a bit, and for my act of neglect, I apologise. In my defence, I haven't been idly sitting around all day, doing diddly squit.

It's late. In about 8 hours, some lucky people will be getting GCSE results. I was one of them this time last year. Makes you think, doesn't it? My little sister will getting some grades for science, so I probably won't hear the end of it. Anyway I shouldn't take it for granted, good luck to all the GCSE students.

Anyway back to what I've been busy with. Last week, I was interning at Railpen Investments and met my fantastic supervisor, Frank Curtiss. Frank managed to teach me and help me understand (which is a feat in itself!) all he possibly could about his work environment which was absolutely amazing, and as person, I've never met someone more friendly, and personable. We visited all kinds of places, the place I particularly enjoyed was BNY Mellon in Canary Wharf which absolutely great. Of course, the view from the 49th floor was something pretty special! I could harp on about all the jargon I learnt such as equities, class actions, commodities, sub prime mortgages, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. But I'm going to save it all for a super massive 'How I Spent My Week Interning!' post or at least it shall grace my extended essay on the recession.

Interning and Results Day (which was in some way reassuring, irritating as well as alarming!) has spurred me into action. I will be back at school next week, AND I have to do some serious reading and project research. I have solemnly sworn to Frank to devote my eyes to the pages of the Financial Times, so hopefully I will have some meat to chew on in my future posts. I have also agreed to do some blogging on the website! I will writing reviews on the economics books that I (should) have read over the summer.

I was actually rather tired (today I was not amused as I was again stuck looking at and shifting around vases, serviettes and such - my mum is still on her decorating project!). I was writing this post, but now I've put on some Muse, and I'm slightly alert again, which is brilliant! Maybe now would be a good time to finish the Undercover Economist!

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