Saturday, 5 September 2009

The School Bell Rings

It's that time of year again when WHSmiths try and tell us that we need to buy their 'back-to-school' essentials at extortionate prices, induced by the fact that Woolworths no longer exists to try and defend itself as a useless rival. Alongside this, several supermarkets and M&S also attempt to compete for customers to buy their school uniforms, which however cheap they may be, some of them are hideous. In fact, my school insisted that my uniform was bought from John Lewis. Thank god that I don't wear uniform anymore!

Yes, the bell tolls as the last year EVER of school starts. Apparently, there will be lots of important life-changing decisions to be made. It sounds so ominous to me, almost like the church bells near me ringing out over its creepy graveyard (full of drug-takers, people who are halfway to death rather than buried already). I think I would prefer if they were bells of hope but for those who have failed to plan and henceforth planned to fail - there could be dark times ahead. It is important however to keep the faith and work hard this year, I believe that this 'bell ringing' is similar to the one sounded at the beginning of the final lap of a marathon. Even now we cannot sprint until that final bend. 'Slow and steady wins the race' was something I was taught at the beginning of my school career.

So exciting times ahead for me and about half a million other candidates who will encounter the beauty of UCAS. Lets just hope I escape the experience 'sound as a bell', eh?

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