Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lack Of Sleep?

I'm fed up.
Fed up, I tell you.

Life sometimes is so hard and so harsh. Acute lack of sleep is a major setback at the moment, but I'm going to keep ploughing on, and keep myself busy. Not that a lack of things to do is, is a problem. Hmmm.....

As well as organising house music and house elections, my life is being taken up with my personal statement, reading for this personal statement and university choices. Alongside this, I'm worried at the moment. Very worried. I tossed and turned last night and then I burst into tears in my C3 lesson today. In front of the teacher who probably hates me the most. Thankfully, he was particularly gracious about it.

I like to always try and think positive near the end of my blogs, so I will now post the great things about my life, since I last posted:

I went to Downes, in Kent on a year 7 ''Bonding'' trip, about two weeks ago, which resulted in a sleepless but HYSTERICALLY funny overnight stay! Being that age was great, it's a shame that I really didn't appreciate the things that you could get away with saying and doing.

The 'Nothing As Sound As A Brixton Pound' article is going to be featured in the student magazine! I am to inform ''lay people'' about the local economy and the global economy! It's great fun being treated as so knowledgeable, (especially when I am not?!)

I've managed to finish 'The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier' which is a FANTASTIC book. I guess it fed my appetite for something related to the continent of Africa and also development economics considering that once I get a master's degree, I would like to go and work for an NGO. Could also make some very good talking points for my personal statement.

Further Maths is going down a treat! Complex numbers (eg. the square root of -1) has lead to some ''intelligent'' philosophical debates on the abscence of an object. To fuel, my love of maths, I've joined the Cipher Challenge team at school. I will talk about this, possibly, in another post, once it gets under way.

I'm hungry now, so I'm going to end here.

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