Thursday, 1 October 2009

Je Viens D'Apprendre La Significance De La Ironie

Sitting at a bus stop, I let my weary head loll against the dirty glass as I contemplate the day that I've left behind me. Cheeky lying year 7s ruining the house elections, a spat - bickering between two old friends, feelings of remorse and self pity. Lack of sleep. Again. I sigh to myself.

Talking to my gracious maths teacher today, he asked whether our generation had ever created anything of recognition. Awkward silence. It was not a comment dripped in sarcasm and coated with arrogance but a simple question worthy of an answer. 'We havent lived yet,' it occured to me, as I rested my eyes, whilst kicking myself for not finding at the time. I had the chance in the holidays. Two actually. A dream come true for the one that I took. I hope that it pays off.

A familiar refrain kicks in. I use my oyster card to tap a rhythm on my lycra covered legs. 'Tonight we can truly say we're invincible?' Sorry not tonight, Matt. I am not. It is my duty, however, to do something of worth with my life even if does not necessarily benefit myself. Interdependence. Dependence. Together, stronger. Sounds like an army speech? I must do better, I must work harder, I must strive for the top. For my mum. The milkman. The baby on the bus sitting across from me; sweet dark brown eyes, soft brown skin, smells of talcum powder. Babies reek of hope, don't they?

Before I even got on the bus, I was confronted by a man and woman - both in suits. I rolled my eyes as she flicked contentedly through the magazine before reaching out to me. 'What can God do for you?' She smiled. I laughed wryly, squinting my eyes in the sun as the bus approached.

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